Blogging Commitments

Bearing in mind that I’ve just entered the 21st Century and started blogging, I’m already finding problems, and I’m only around ten blogs in! The problem is commitment. Not to the writing of it – Oh no, that’s the easy part at the moment, you can’t shut me up … I have folders of drafts and ideas bunging up my computer! No the problem is what I’m writing. As every new Blogger no doubt does, I’ve recently gone back over my few posts and astounded myself how many jobs I said we’d get finished on the house, and how many of those we are only just getting started on.

Remember our bramble-choked peach trees … well they’re still gasping for air, albeit now with beautiful pale pink buds on. Our chimney that needs re-installing … happily sitting in our ‘legnaia’ two floors away from where it should be, but at least it is now being kept company by the scaffolding we’ll be using to access the roof. Our bees that need to be re-housed – still ensconced in our upstairs wall with no signs of a removal truck or a ‘For Sale’ sign, but I’m now in contact with a member of a Ligurian ‘Bee Association’ so we’re making slow progress. And our well water … well we’ve played around with the levels, pumping out over 8,000 litres of the standing water (hopefully the bacteria ridden portion), but we’re now waiting for the melting snow to refill it with beautiful fresh water before we can take a couple more samples down to the ‘lab’.

So I’m going to go back through my Blogs with a pad and pen to hand and make a ‘To Do’ list of all of the things we said we’d get done. Then at Easter, when we’ve finally got all of our bits and bobs out of storage and crammed into the house, unhitched our caravan in the garden, connected ourselves to the electrics, water and drainage systems and cracked open a well-deserved bottle of Prosecco, we’ll get immediately on with everything … but we’ll maybe leave the chimney rebuild for another day … Prosecco, climbing scaffolding and putting a chimney on straight don’t go hand in hand!

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