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Send me an email to and I’ll respond to you as soon as I possibly can.



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I’m enjoying writing about my experiences as I find my feet with all things Italian and would be happy to hear from you if you think my musings would suit your particular publication, so send me an email to and I’ll be happy to discuss your ideas.

I know that I have a book in me somewhere, but for now I’m enjoying my Blogging and keeping people entertained with just a few paragraphs, however one day I hope to transform that into hundreds of pages!


Want help with translation …?

During my experience in learning the Italian language I have made my fair share of mistakes with either mispronounced or misunderstood words (luckily only amongst friends!) but I have also experienced the same when words are translated badly from Italian into English. They appear everywhere – from small restaurant menus, to adverts in shops, I’ve even seen a mistake on a large supermarket chains’ self service till!

If you want help with any translation work, into correct English, then please email me at letting me know your requirements and I will provide you with a quote.

Volete aiutare con la traduzione … ?

Durante la mia esperienza per l’apprendimento della lingua italiana, ho fatto la mia parte equa di errori con le parole né pronunciati male o mal comprese (per fortuna solo tra amici!), ma ho anche sperimentato la stessa quando le parole sono tradotte male da italiano in inglese. Essi appaiono dovunque – da menu dei piccoli ristoranti, a pubblicità nei negozi, ho anche visto un errore dalla cassa self-service in un grande supermercato!

Se si volete aiutare con qualsiasi lavoro di traduzione, in inglese corretto, poi scrivetemi a con le vostre esigenze e posso fornirvi un preventivo.


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