New Year …. New Life

Well 2016 looks like it’s going to be a biggie for us. With our most expensive Christmas present to ourselves ever, sitting forlorn and empty amongst five acres of unkempt grass and woodland we’ve got our work cut out.  After two years of searching for the perfect property, we are finally the proud owners of a small farmhouse in Northern Italy with a barn, a wood oven, a well, a few grape vines, some fruit trees, a large walnut tree, at least one wasps’ nest and definite signs of an animal of some sort living rent free in the ‘legnaia’ (wood store). It’s not a large house, we don’t need a lot of space for just the two of us and our cat, but after spending those last two years living in our caravan on various campsites, it feels like a castle!

But, not content with wanting to get underway with some major house renovation, and rejuvenating the surrounding land, we also want to finally launch our new website that we’ve been tinkering with on and off for a couple of years. Oh, and then we’ve promised ourselves that we’ll commit more time to learning the Italian language (obviously with an emphasis on all words to do with construction). We also want to include more activity in our lives (that’s kind of a given when we’ve a house to rebuild) and eat less (that shouldn’t be difficult … spend our limited funds on a delicious pizza once a week or save up for a new ‘stufa’ to heat the house and keep us warm next Winter … hmmmm). And on top of that, I’ve decided to start blogging … should be an interesting year …!

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