Tooled Up …

I’ve already mentioned that we were lucky enough to have been left some tools by the lady who sold us the house and, although they’re all pretty old, and we’ve had to ‘retire’ a couple of pieces due to some over-zealous digging on our part, they’ve been really useful. We’ve managed to do all our work so far – re-levelling the whole of the driveway, digging out the steps to our new compost area and building our rustic fence for re-supporting the grape vines along the front of the house, and all we’ve had to buy to top up our ‘attrezzi’ is a rake and some branch ‘loppers’! But that is all about to change as Marcus has made his first trip back to the UK in a van we’ve hired, to collect some of our belongings from our storage container.

We packed everything up to go into storage over two years ago and I’ve forgotten most of what we’ve kept (maybe there’s an argument somewhere in there for getting rid of everything instead of transporting it all back here!) I don’t know if I was more excited to see Marcus after his few days away or to see all the plastic boxes, power tools and various bubble-wrapped items that we started unloading. It was just like Christmas morning delving into the various packages to find out what surprises lay inside … only with more huffing and puffing, more tramping up and down a driveway and more than a couple of disagreements about where to put things!

So now we have the luxury of a few more items to choose from when it comes to those jobs we find to do around the garden … old favourites from our UK home-ownership days, and some of them with motors on them to make life a little bit easier! But I think Marcus has become very comfortable using our ‘inherited’ tools and has gone ‘old-school’ – despite the fact that we have around 3 acres of grassland surrounding the house, he has a dream to keep both the lawnmower and the strimmer under wraps for a while. Our local ‘Fai da Te’ were having a half-price sale, so the other day we fought our way into the car park and stood in line at the checkout for what seemed like hours, along with half of the residents of Savona (it’s a really good sale!) but we emerged with exactly what he was looking for … ‘una falce’ (a scythe). Now most of you will have one picture spring to your minds of The Grim Reaper, his flowing black robes and well-worn scythe. I have another picture of a sun-bronzed husband with rippling abs, effortlessly skimming his way over the grassland … Marcus perhaps has a third scenario in mind of five minutes trying the scythe, throwing it into a forgotten corner of our barn and dusting off the strimmer, but check out this YouTube video to see why he’s giving it a go

Just one thing to bear in mind about the dangers of using this tool – and it’s not the blade, as you always have the handle length between you and your body. Its bees … we’ve been told that they don’t like the sound of the scythe as it cuts through the grass and they go into ‘colony defence mode’ so we need to think carefully about where we put our hive when we capture our bees. The lawnmower might be making an appearance after all!

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  1. Clare February 24, 2016 @ 8:40 pm

    Love this, you have such a chatty style about you but then I know you so well I can hear you speaking the words to me! Love seeing and hearing about all your escapades!! Keep blogging! Much love xx

    • Mid-Lifer Italy February 27, 2016 @ 5:48 pm

      Thanks for your comment Clare … glad you like the blog … its existed long enough in my head so I’m pleased to have finally ‘put it out there’!

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