Vino … no-no!

We have news on the twelve bottles of unknown vintage in our ‘cantina’ … unfortunately the verdict isn’t good … they’re undrinkable! Bruno, our next door neighbour, likes a drop of the red stuff so we took a dusty bottle up to him to taste. Not a good sign when the cork breaks three times when trying to remove it but he poured himself a small glass and tried it … his face said it all. However he said not to throw it away but to pour all the other bottles into a large demi-john and leave to turn into vinegar which we can then use on our summer salads.

However, I need to research this a little further as Bruno is not the most dependable when it comes to advice on foodstuffs – his wife told me never to go to him for advice on which ‘funghi’ to eat as he once spent a night in hospital after eating some that he thought were edible. I’ve not heard of anyone being hospitalised from eating bad vinegar but there’s always a first time! Worst case scenario, I’ll have a lifetime’s worth of nail varnish remover!

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